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Afanasyeva Tatyana Vasilievna

Porcelain painter, sculptor. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. (2010) Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. (2013)

Tatyana Vasilievna Afanasyeva has been working at the Imperial Porcelain Factory (until 2005 - the Leningrad Porcelain Factory) since 1975.


Tatyana Vasilievna Afanasyeva has been working at the Imperial Porcelain Factory (until 2005 - the Leningrad Porcelain Factory) since 1975. She received her art education first at the Leningrad Architectural and Construction College, which left a characteristic imprint on her creative approach, and then at the Leningrad Art and Industrial College. IN AND. Mukhina at the Department of Ceramics and Glass.

The main themes and graphic motifs of porcelain Afanasyeva are landscape, interior and still life. One of the directions of the beginning of Tatyana Vasilievna’s career was contemplative landscapes, imbued with lyricism and subtle nuances of mood. Over time, they turned into unprecedented architectural fantasies and surreal landscapes, born in a space of reverse perspective, which at the moment are one of the main leitmotif of the master’s work. A special decorative solution to the artist’s works is easily recognizable, and Tatyana Afanasyeva’s striking artistic style is guessed in each of her works. The author possesses the rare gift of perceiving the world in its movement and development, the ability to reflect its inner world in works, inextricably linked with the external. Her unusual spatial solution to the composition, textured ornaments, original color, a game with textures fascinate the viewer, and draw into the space of the work, prompting him to look at the surrounding reality through the eyes of the artist.

 Tatyana Afanasyeva is not only an excellent graphic artist and painter, but also a talented sculptor. Not forgetting his experience with architecture, the master designs forms that are striking in their tectonic structure. A series of vases “Geometry of Porcelain” and three forms of services “Ark”, “Saturn”, “Kostroma” are amazing products with special plastic, an unusual design solution and sharp artistic expressiveness.

From the very beginning of her career, Tatyana Afanasyeva has been a participant in many domestic and foreign exhibitions, including those organized by the plant together with the State Hermitage Museum. In 2006, a personal exhibition of the works of Tatyana Afanasyeva “The Ark” was held, for which a catalog of the same name was prepared. The artist's works are presented in the collections of leading museums in Russia and in private collections. Tatyana Vasilievna, in addition to creating copyrighted products, works on individual orders and develops items for the ordinary assortment.
Сup with saucer tea Kostroma Laurencia

Сup with saucer Lily of the Valley 2 Meadow flowers

Сup with saucer Lily of the Valley 2 Paints of summer

Сup with saucer Lily of the Valley 2 Carnation and daffodil

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