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Charina Tatyana Lvovna

Porcelain painter, sculptor
The artist’s works are presented in the collections of the country's leading museums and private collections.


After graduating from the Leningrad Art and Graphic Pedagogical School (1976) and the Department of Ceramics and Glass, LVHPU im. V. I. Mukhina (1986), began working at the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

Since 1985 takes part in exhibitions. Since 1990, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. From 1997 to 2001 - a teacher at the Department of Ceramics at SPbGHPA.

The author of the services: "Pear branch" (1995), "Chinese screen" (1996), "Kinematics" (2001), "Lemon slices" (2002), "Tangerine" (2004), a series of plates "Russian Bestiary" (2001) , "Still Life" (2003), "Sphinx" (2001), "Stone Lion" (2002), sculptures "Sphinx" (2002), "Goat" (2002), "Sheep Dolly" (2002), "Lamb" ( 2002). Of the works created by the artist in recent years, the following services were mastered in production: services: "Lemon Slices", "Tangerine", "Blue Evening", "Little Things", "Anjou", "Bows", "Nautilus", "Pear Branch" , "Kinematics", "Vivat Petersburg", "Chinese screen", cups and saucer: "Golden pomegranate", "Fig tree", "Kunstkamera", "Petropol", "Botan of Peter the Great", decorative plates: "Dutch tile", "Stone Lion", "Sphinx"; sculptures: "Sphinx" (Fig. "Sphinx of the White Nights", "There is a golden city", "Goat" (Fig. "Antique"), "Sheep Dolly", "Sparrow-syon", from the series Chinese horoscope - "Little Mouse ", Cubs.
Сup with saucer Gift Golden garnet

Gift set "Okinawa", cup with saucer, cobalt

Gift set "Morioka", Cup and saucer, cobalt

Gift set "Kalevala", cup with saucer, cobalt

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