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Belova-Veber Olga Genrikhovna

Porcelain painter, sculptor.
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. (2002)

Author's works are presented in the collections of leading museums in the country and abroad, as well as in private collections.


Olga Genrikhovna Belova-Veber was born in 1961 in Leningrad, in a family of ceramic artists. From 1980 to 1985, she studied at the Department of Ceramics and Glass LVHPU them. IN AND. Mukhina. Prior to her career at the Imperial Porcelain Factory in 1997, Olga Genrikhovna worked in the field of monumental ceramics.

Using the rich heritage of world art culture, whether it be literary plots or ancient myths, and his extraordinary imagination, the artist masterly realizes his original ideas in china. Subtle metaphors embodied in cobalt - a classic of porcelain art, captivate the viewer in an original art world. Based on romantic images and allegorical subjects, the master creates a new mythology of the city on the Neva. In the work of Olga Genrikhovna, filled with philosophy and cosmology, porcelain, lines and colors add up to a single picture of the world. In her works, cosmos and chaos, day and night, darkness and light oppose each other and are in close interweaving, forming an amazing harmony, expressing worldview meanings. The balance of the world in its duality is one of the key themes of Olga Genrikhovna’s work.

The ability to find harmony in the surrounding reality and embody it on the surface of porcelain is also manifested in other areas of Belova-Veber creativity. The artist masterfully works in the “Russian style” - using folk ornaments, traditions of Russian popular art and the legacy of Ivan Bilibin, the famous world painter, decorator, and illustrator who invented the unique “Bilibino style”. Olga Belova-Veber manages to create unique works that are closely related to tradition, but consonant with modernity.

The artist’s works of art are regularly exhibited at both domestic and foreign exhibitions, at venues such as the State Hermitage Museum, the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, the Tsarskoye Selo Museum of Fine Arts, and the National Art Museum of Lithuania. Her copyright works are presented in collections of leading museums in the country and abroad, as well as in private collections. Olga Genrikhovna, in addition to creating her own works, works on special orders and develops products for the ordinary assortment, which are very popular among connoisseurs of IFZ porcelain.
Tea pot small size Novgorod Red horse

Сup with saucer Bilibina 1 Tales birds

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